Products & Services







ETQAN offers the following:

  • Pre-award technical support to enrich customer understanding of the Product usage and multiple features.
  • Detailed engineered solution customized for each customer need.
  • Site surveys and meeting with end users at customers’ sites to introduce products. Offering Free of Charge samples and site trials to get necessary approvals.
  • In-country stock of high runner consumed items for our principles’ products for quick deliveries.
  • In-country logistics services including door to door delivery, warehousing, and custom clearance services.
  • After sales dedicated technical support.
  • QTY survey, supervision on installation of our products, supply & apply contracting services, and project management.
  • Documentation and civil defense approval
  • Inventory management advice using our data-base and OEM recommendations.
  • On-Job training and product training for our customers.


ETQAN offers the following:

  • Early identification of on-going projects in-country.
  • Market INTEL about each project background including (not limited to):
    A. Execution Schedule
    B. Provide information about equipment / packages included in each project
    C. Financing
    D. Background about ALL stakeholders involved including Owner, Engineering Consultant, and Main contractor(s)
  • Communication with engineering and consultants firms at bidding / FEED stages.
  • Preparation of qualification binders for our business partners to be included in the qualified vendors list for each project.
  • Competition analysis.
  • Follow up bid submittal and evaluation stages with customers during bidding stage.
  • Engage in pre-award and final closing stages providing all intelligence and background information to support final negotiation.
  • Contracts legal review and offering related advice to principals.
  • Provide samples and DEMO KITS during NEW product launching stage.
  • Translate into Arabic language all marketing materials and related technical manuals that would facilitate our customers qualified team to understand our products and installation procedures (where applicable).
  • Follow-up project management execution logistics during after-award stage and project implementation.


  • Follow up payments of principal invoices.
  • Custom clearance logistics.
  • Warehousing logistics.
  • Issuance of bank guarantees, purchasing bids, submittals to estate entities for product approval and registration.
  • Provide INTEL for marketing events, and trade shows related to products and services our company offers.
  • Assistance in bank guarantees issuance and related services through Egyptian banks.
  • All activities related to marketing materials design and printing for our products and services.