At ETQAN our corporate social responsibility mission is covering three main focus areas; Customer, employees, and community. For our local and global customers, we conduct business ethically and follow transparent worldwide code and standards.

Our employees’ welfare is the second pillar in CSR triangle.

Last but not least comes our deep passion for giving back to our community by engaging directly and indirectly in activities and programs serving poverty, women, education and technical capabilities leverage for under graduate engineering universities and technical schools in Egypt.


Monthly fixed donations to charity NGO working in poor areas, Donations are targeting orphans and families with disabled kids or guardian. ETQAN target families with widow guardian under age of 30 years old with kids.


ETQAN with its sister companies adapt GREEN program which include paper recycle, and re-use of company paper, carpooling, and energy saving. Our plan starts with spreading knowledge by giving training materials and news board information to all employees to raise awareness about GREEN program.


Monthly fixed donation to settle banking CHEQUES for mothers and family guardians.