FM Approval

FM Approvals is an international leader in third-party testing and certification services, FM test property loss prevention products and services—for use in commercial and industrial facilities—to verify they meet rigorous loss prevention standards of quality, technical integrity and performance, By employing a worldwide certification process that’s backed by scientific research and testing, and over a century of experience, the FM APPROVED mark is recognized and respected worldwide, FM certification instills confidence and commands respect in your marketplace, FM Approvals certifies products and services with a unique focus on, Objectively testing property loss prevention products and services and certifying those that meet rigorous loss prevention standards, Encouraging the development and use of FM Approved products and services that improve and advance property loss prevention practices.


FCIA stands for Fire Stop Contractors International Association, The FCIA’s mission is for member organizations to be recognized throughout the construction industry as preferred quality contractors of life safety fire stop systems, ETQAN being an FCIA Member Contractors is committed to providing consistent, High quality fire stop systems as a critical part of Effective Compartmentation. Through active participation in the FCIA and related forums, members contribute to the advancement of the fire stop and compartmentation industry and maintain exceptional knowledge of this specialized trade, Through this professional commitment to fire and life safety, ETQAN as specialized contractor bring considerable value to their customers by enhancing public safety and property protection, FCIA’s goals have been – and continue to be – focused on building reliability of Firestop Systems through the DIIM of Firestopping™.  Proper Design, Installation, Inspection, Maintenance and Management of Firestop Systems means reliability, and DIIM™ gets it done.