About Us


ETQAN is part of SIX companies group started over 40 years ago. Group core business diversified to cover array of market segments including oil & gas; petrochemicals, power generation, aviation, telecom, electro-mechanical contracting and specialized textiles printing & dying. ETQAN brings to the market highly qualified team offering unique engineering services and after sales technical support which is based on our in-depth understanding of our products and customers’ needs. ETQAN products and services are mainly catering for building construction MEP contractors, and oil & gas sectors. ETQAN located in Doha, Qatar geared for optimizing resources and meeting rapid market growth, We strongly believe in Qatar 2030 vision and opt for Qatar welfare being the gulf countries jewel .


Offer reliable engineered solutions meeting customers’ demands, contribute to our worldwide partners global growth in market ETQAN International is covering, give our employees a life-time experience working with ETQAN International, finally, maximize shareholders’ wealth and giving back to community.


Bring quality to markets served. Simply: ETQAN