ETQAN is part of SIX companies group started over 40 years ago. Group core business diversified to cover array of market segments including oil & gas; petrochemicals, power generation, aviation, telecom, electro-mechanical contracting and specialized textiles printing & dying. ETQAN brings to the market highly qualified team offering unique engineering services and after sales technical support which is based on our in-depth understanding of our products and customers’ needs. ETQAN products and services are mainly catering for building construction MEP contractors, and oil & gas sectors. ETQAN located in Doha, Qatar geared for optimizing resources and meeting rapid market growth, We strongly believe in Qatar 2030 vision and opt for Qatar welfare being the gulf countries jewel .

What We Do

ETQAN is an engineering company specialized in fire stopping solutions. Core business scope includes supply and apply of fire stopping materials provided by FM and civil defense approved materials. Our job extends beyond conventional MEP scope and starts with project execution by main contractor. We offer selection of materials, quantity survey, select UL approved system(s), technical training for project team prior to award, on job-training (as required), documentation, and handover to civil defense . ETQAN is also an approved FM applicator since 2014 with no. of highly qualified DRI’S, ETQAN is a trading and distribution company for various products special chemicals for oil & gas and power generation, aircraft warning light systems, BUS WAY Systems, and solar protection window films for buildings, ETQAN operations include highly skilled engineers and technicians in many disciplines which entitles to implementation of FIT OUT works and supply of interior design items including lighting, various woodwork, and furniture.


  • Enthusiastic team.
  • Active caliber.
  • Long experience in the market.
  • Ambition to grow with vision to sustain quality.
  • Dedicated to serve customers and business partners various needs.
  • Early Identification Of Projects.
  • Offering competitive solutions to customers changing needs.
    Adapting up-to-date selling and management tactics.

How We Work?

  • Take decisions based on accurate information.
  • Risk management and assessment approach.
  • Communicate project schedule with all involved parties.
  • Take quick and corrective actions.
  • Supply chain management and sound relationship with our business partners
  • Keep meetings in organized fashion with proper documentation.
  • Weekly and monthly operations meetings.

Our Customers